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At West Adventures & Tours, we believe in relationships. Building relationships & learning from each other is at the heart of everything we do. When you tour with WAT, every tour becomes a little family. Come, learn & adventure with us!

The Tour Van

Every tour rides in our 2016, 15 passenger Ford Transit van. We want you to enjoy the ride while you see the sights!


Our Team



Owner • Manager • Tour Guide

Hi! I'm Helen, the founder and owner of West Adventures & Tours.

I started guiding tours during my summer breaks in high school. I grew up in small fishing village in Alaska and worked as a guide for "Sitka Bike and Hike", where I took guests (you guessed it) biking and hiking. I've always loved learning about history, culture, nature and other people. Being a tour guide lets me combine those passions into a job! Wanting to share these passions with others is what inspired me to start WAT.

During the school year, I am teach high school music & direct the bands at Shiprock HS (go Chieftains!). I love my job and my kids, but I always look forward to the summer when I get to switch gears, be outside and teach people about something totally different!

When I'm not guiding tours, you can find me helping out on the family farm, hiking in the mountains, exploring the canyons, or paddle boarding with my friends.



Owner • Bus Driver

Rand West is my dad and co-founder of West Adventures & Tours.

Rand's early childhood was in Oklahoma where his parents were neighbors and friends of the Kiowa and Comanche Tribes. He graduated High School and went on to College at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and then to Ohio State University where he. After receiving his Masters of Science degree in terrestrial ecology, Rand worked for 17 years with the US Forest Service, as a Soil Scientist, Ecologist, Ecology Program Manager in Alaska, and in the San Juan/Rio Grande National Forests. In 1995, Rand left the US Forest Service to enter a doctoral Clinical Psychology Program at Antioch University. His dissertation was, “American Indian experience of place: Relationship to distress,” a study of the importance of native places to resilience from trauma among Native Americans. He has worked for the Veteran’s Administration, Washington State University’s Counseling Services, a 4 county mental health consortium in New York State, the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Mental Health Department in Sitka, Alaska, as Director of the Mental Health, and as Chief of Mental Health Services at Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock N. M, where he works today.


Kate McGinley-West

Creative Director





Mr. PC


While Mr. PC and Saisy never come on any of the tours (or even get to go in the van), their moral support is always helpful. Saisy explore new tour routes with Helen and Mr. PC listens to Helen practice the tour scripts at home.