Our Mission

Our mission is to provide enjoyable and educational tours to history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, culture connoisseurs and everyone interested in learning more about southwest Colorado and Montezuma County!

We put the safety of our guests and staff above all else because we want you to have a fun, enjoyable adventure! 

Although we cater primarily to families and friends vacationing in the Four Corners area, West Adventures & Tours also believes the best businesses support and empower local community. We are committed to strengthening the economic opportunities in Montezuma County by partnering and sourcing our equipment through local companies.

Adventure with us!

Our Commitment

  • Provide enjoyable and educational tours to our guests;

  • Deliver interesting and factual information about the cultural, geological, and ecological history of southwest Colorado;

  • Strengthen the economic opportunities in Montezuma County and the state of Colorado by partnering with local organizations and businesses, hiring local guides and sourcing our equipment and gear through Colorado companies;

  • Support the next generation of business leaders and encouraging young entrepreneurs in the Four Corners area;

  • Advocate for the fair and respectful treatment of the environment by educating our clients about the importance of conservation efforts and supporting nonprofit conservancy projects & conservation-minded business practices in the Montezuma County area.