Make a Change on World Environment Day


Wednesday (June 5th, 2019) is International World Environment Day. Use that day to save the planet. Here are some simple & easy ways to do that.

5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make a Difference

1. Ditch The Car

Choose to walk or bike for today. The average passenger vehicle emits nearly 50 pounds of carbon dioxide into the environment EVERY DAY.

2. Go Meatless & Dairy Free

You don’t need to give up meat forever to make a different. Forgoing meat & dairy for just one day puts a dent in the overall harm meat consumption does to the planet. For example, just 1 hamburger can be responsible for the deforestation of 55 square feet of forest. Save not just one tree, save a bunch! Don’t eat the hamburger for today.

3. Refill Your Bottle (and Mug)

Take your personal coffee mug to Starbucks today. Refill your water bottle at work. Then, if you’re not gonna reuse the mugs & bottles again, make sure to recycle them! Did you know, 90% of water bottles end up in a land fill instead of being recycled?

4. Shorten Your Shower

Aim for 5 less minutes today. Just 2 minutes can save more than 10 gallons of water! (That means you’re saving 30 gallons of water!)

5. Take a Walk

Get out and enjoy nature today. Take a walk, smell the roses and remind yourself exactly why our environment deserves preserving.