Breweries of Montezuma County

You know you’re in Colorado when…every town has a craft brewery!

Montezuma County might be rural & it might be small, but we are NO exception to this rule! Montezuma County boasts 4 craft breweries (3 towns…you do the math!) and 2 operational craft ciders.

Here’s a quick run down of our local microbreweries and my personal favorites from each!


1. WildEdge Brewing Collective


I love WildEdge. From trivia on Tuesday nights (6-8 PM, a local nonprofit is featured each week), live music on Friday evenings, yoga on Saturday, game day on Sunday and great people behind the bar, WildEdge is just a really fun place to hang out.

The brewing stills are visible from the bar, and if you’re in early you may see the head brewer, Tucker Robinson, busy at work. Tucker brews everything, but I like to point out this is the only reliable place in Montezuma to get a good sour beer. Personally, I’ve always been more of a hoppy girl, so I tend to order the IPA 11. I will say though, sours are growing on me.

To learn more about WildEdge, you can go to their website:

2. Main Street Brewery


Main Street is my go to brewery for good lunch & good beer. I absolutely love the quirky & bizarre mural painted above the bar. It’s intricate enough that I always find something new to look at. The brewery building itself is historical and has been everything from a store front to a pig slaughterhouse (don’t worry they cleaned it!)

The brewing process is harder to see from this bar, but if you walk past the bar (towards the bathrooms) you can peak through a window to get the gist of how they do things at Main Street.

I recommend the burgers (the Verde Jack is always fun) for lunch. As far as beers, I’m drawn to the Maibock, or the Honey Raspberry Wheat. For their full menu & beer offerings go to:



3. Dolores River Brewery

DRB (as we locals call it) is a little harder for me to get to since I live in Cortez, but I definitely make the drive to Dolores for their incredible events & live music concerts. DRB is just a great brewery. There are always the same 5 locals sitting at the bar, which makes the whole place feel very “rural Colorado.” The head brewer, Mark, also has pretty crazy connections in the music world, so I maintain this is the best place to go for spot-on, excellent music. This brewery always has, hands down, the best patio in the county.

The brewing stills are all bust impossible to see. It’s a pretty cramped space, but you can peer through the glass door at the end of the halls as you exit to the patio.

My favorite beer here is definitely the ESB, although I sometimes opt to try their seasonal selections.

To learn more about Dolores River Brewery, and see upcoming live music events go to:


4. Mancos Brewing Company


Mancos Brewing Company is probably the brewery I go to least, just because my friend who lives in Mancos is gluten free, so we often opt for Fenceline Ciders instead. Still, Mancos Brewing is not to be missed! It’s the only brewery with a pool table (which is LOTS of fun at night) and the food is INCREDIBLE - I highly recommend the pretzels and any sandwich (the bread is made in house and it’s great!).

Mancos Brewing also has a patio with beautiful views of Mesa Verde National Park and brings in some pretty awesome local & traveling bands. This is another brewery where the stills & brewing process are easily visible. You have to walk to the back bar where the pool table is, but you can pull up a seat and see how it’s done. My favorite beer here is either the Cliff Dweller Red or the Extra Dizzy IPA (depending how I’m feeling).

To learn more about Mancos Brewing Company, go to:

Want a tour of the breweries? Would you like to try something from each of the breweries without having to worry about driving?

West Adventures & Tours offers a tour that visits all 4 breweries (and Fenceline Ciders) on Thursdays & Saturdays! You get to see behind the scenes and taste at every place! Check it our HERE.


Are you a local? What is your favorite brewery? What beers do you recommend people try?