Guide to Food & Restaurants in Cortez, Colorado

What is There to Eat in Cortez?

One of the main things tour guides get asked at the end of a tour is…”What are your recommendations for ______ (insert meal name here).” There are lots of place to eat in Mesa Verde Country, but here are some of my personal favorites:


Absolute Bakery & Cafe

This is probably the best breakfast spot in the Four Corners. People come from miles around to eat at ABC. It’s an old hippie joint in a historic building (the tin ceiling is original & hand molded!). They also feature local artists - you can buy almost every piece off the wall! The food is excellent, although sometimes service can be a bit slow. I recommend the “Veg Head” or the breakfast burrito. On the weekends, Eggs Benedict is a local favorite (go early to get some!).

The Pie Maker Bakery

The Pie Make Bakery is by far my favorite coffee shop/bakery in town. The owners/bakers live in a historic home in Mancos and are two of the sweetest people you’ll meet! The coffee is local and many of the ingredients are as well. I go here regularly to just sit and get some work done. This is a great breakfast options in Cortez for breakfast-on-the-go or sit-down. I highly recommend any of the bagels (baked in house) - my favorite is the “Fisherman”. If you happen to come in on Friday or Saturday, definitely try a spudnut (they are incredible!). Obviously - as the name suggests - they also have pies for sale. In addition to “regular” American-style pies they have quiches (kinda like a breakfast pie) and hand pie that I will get for lunch. Also, the Eclairs make great desserts! Basically, everything is excellent here and the service is awesome! (May not be the best option for those concerned about gluten or carbs.)

Beny’s Diner

If you are looking for just a classic diner, Beny’s is the town favorite. I love going to Beny’s on Sunday and seeing the church folks, the family, the farm-hands and the millennial brunch crowd come out of the woodwork! Owned by a local Hispanic family in town they also have some great Mexican-style breakfast!


The Farm

Local farm to table restaurant. The building is beautiful with high ceilings and exposed brick walls. It really has the whole rustic, farm feel down well. The food is all local & much is organic. It’s really excellent. I really like the candied walnut, bacon & apple salad with focaccia bread, but the pasta is always excellent and I’ve heard really good things about the French onion soup.

Main Street Brewery

Looking for that lunchtime staple of burger, beer & fries? This is your place. The ambiance is a little “quirky” to say the least, but the servers are nice and the food is good! Plus, this is one of the oldest breweries in Montezuma County and the building has a lot of history. (The head brewer says this place is haunted!)

Lounging Lizard

I love this restaurant. The food is excellent and they serve local wine & beer. I highly recommend ANY of their menu items. A lot of their food is a southwestern play on traditional American style food, so sometimes it can be a little spicy!


Thai Cortez

You may be surprised, but Cortez, Colorado boasts an authentic, excellent Thai restaurant. Honestly, this is my favorite place to eat in the entire county. I recommend the drunk noodles, spring rolls & Pad Thai…but I also tend to stick to my favorites and not venture beyond that too much.

Stonefish Sushi

Also surprising? A rural town in the middle of a land-locked state makes decent sushi! I might not be the best sushi I’ve ever had (again - land locked, and I used to live in Alaska) but the rolls are inventive, the flavors are delicious and the fish is as fresh as we can get it! Local beer & wine on tap makes for a nice pairing.


Moose & More

In my book, this is the only place to go for dessert. Locally owned & operated (really sweet couple from Mancos, and her family has been in this area for FIVE GENERATIONS!), this little gem has really brought something special to Cortez! They use local and often organic ingredients in their homemade ice cream. My personal favorite is the Honey Lavender, but I know I’m a rare bread…really, everything is excellent. They also have homemade truffles! Yum :)